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The day has finally arrived! You leave the closing table with the keys to your new house, and you’re officially a homeowner. You’re ready to take a few pictures in front of the sold sign, pop open a bottle of champagne to celebrate, prepare… Continue Reading “THINGS TO DO BEFORE THE MOVE”

Ways to unwind – Househunters edition!

Feeling overwhelmed in this crazy market? It can be tough searching for your home & beating the competition. Sometimes, the offer you submit does not get accepted…BUT, don’t worry because with a strategic plan & patience, your dream home will come! Kick back with… Continue Reading “Ways to unwind – Househunters edition!”

What to Check on Your Final Walk-Through

The final walk-through of your new home is an exciting event! It means you have successfully maneuvered through negotiations, inspections, and financing approval, and are on the verge of signing your closing papers. Most buyers attend the final walk-through with thoughts of furniture placement… Continue Reading “What to Check on Your Final Walk-Through”

Tips for an Easier Move 🚚

As exciting as it is to move into a new home, not many people look forward to the actual moving day. Whether you are moving across town or across the country, moving is stressful! Here are some helpful hints from expert movers to make… Continue Reading “Tips for an Easier Move 🚚”

The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Vacant Land

Building a custom home is hard work that is rewarded when you move into the home of your dreams! The first step is finding the perfect lot to build on. Before you purchase a lot to build on, be aware of these, do’s and… Continue Reading “The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Vacant Land”

Understand your home equity!

Home equity…Everybody wants it, but what exactly is it, and how do you get it? Equity represents the degree of ownership an individual or entity has in an asset after subtracting any debts against the asset. To say someone shares equity in a company… Continue Reading “Understand your home equity!”

Buying Your First Home? you need to Know These 3 Things!

I love working with first-time home buyers. Helping you find your first home, learn the home buying process, and guiding you from house-hunting to move-in day gives me the warm fuzzies. Here are three things you should know before you start looking. Work with… Continue Reading “Buying Your First Home? you need to Know These 3 Things!”

Six reasons why december is a good month to buy a home.

Most people cringe at the thought of buying a home in December. Only the Grinch would want to pack up and moving during the holiday season! But hold on Cindy Lou Hoo, there are several reasons December can be a great time to buy.… Continue Reading “Six reasons why december is a good month to buy a home.”