Ways to unwind – Househunters edition!

Feeling overwhelmed in this crazy market? It can be tough searching for your home & beating the competition. Sometimes, the offer you submit does not get accepted…BUT, don’t worry because with a strategic plan & patience, your dream home will come!

Kick back with your favorite drink & check out these ways in unwind HOUSE HUNTERS editions 👀 After a full afternoon of showings, try…

✨ Cooking a meal – enjoy the space you are currently in & think about what you want in your next home! Larger dining room? double ovens? Think about what your current space is missing to give you motivation in your search with a side of tacos!

✨ Start packing – I know this isn’t the most relaxing activity, but you can get a jump start on a huge project & imagine your things in your new home. Will that closet hold all my shoes? Do we need a smaller couch?

✨ Get some fresh air – take an evening for yourself & go enjoy your fav local spot to get out & about! Where do you go locally to unwind? Coffee shop? Brewery? The Lake? Comment below!

✨Read a book – dive into a great story to let your mind unwind. Try reading a home design book like Homebody to get you inspired for your next space!

This market can be overwhelming, but stay motivated, enjoy the process, & know that you will find THE ONE 🏡

Want to start the search? Send me an email to set up a meeting to chat about real estate & your next home 🔑

Samantha Haycraft, REALTOR® | Slhaycraft1@gmail.com

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